Making Your Red Wines Be All They Can Be

We recently came across an online article titled “5 Ways to Make Your Red Wine Taste Better” and since we are all about having our wines taste their best, we had to investigate. And, we were pleased to find that the article on the Sonoma Wine Garden site kept things simple (read “approachable”) and easy. And, nice to know that we here at Stölzle have you covered on a couple of the most important ways they mentioned on how to improve the taste of your favorite reds.
After all, of course we always like it when people mention how the quality of the glassware you use makes a difference.
The only things we might add to what is an already great easy read are:
  • First, when it comes to the glassware - like buying great quality red wines, acquiring great wine glasses shouldn’t force you to take out a second home mortgage. That’s why Stölzle always focuses on our overall quality/value proposition. With overall great performance as our starting goal, Stölzle aims to produce great wine glasses at very approachable price levels. So, while your guests will always be impressed with the feel and the look, your bank account won’t take a big hit when one of your guests should happen to drop one of our glasses and render it unusable. With designs and styles to fit nearly everyone’s tastes, Stölzle has great, high-performing wine glasses at nearly all price points. And, with Stölzle getting our start in and remaining a large glassware supplier in the world’s hospitality sector, you can always be assured that our wine glasses will play nicely with your dishwasher, as well.
  • Second, many people are unaware of our wine decanters. We have recently added 2 wine decanters to our USA assortment – FIRE and CLASSIC. Decanting can absolutely make a difference in both sorting out any sediment that may be in a red wine that has been aging – and – providing faster and more aeration to younger, more fruit-forward wine types. So, decanters can improve wines both young and old. And, like our wine glasses, Stölzle wine decanters are approachable as well.

And, just like our wine glasses, Stölzle wine decanters are designed and meant to be very approachable as well.
Our FIRE wine decanter is now in stock (along with our CLASSIC decanter) and waiting to help you make your red wines taste just a little bit better.
So, go ahead and check out Sonoma Wine Garden’s article by visiting:

And to see Stölzle’s growing assortment here in the USA, visit:

More smiles on more faces.

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