The Journey Revisited

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Back two years ago this month, we showcased a story that talked about the basics of improving our ability to discern the flavor profiles of the wines we drink and keeping it all very down-to-earth when we do it. We still feel that approachability is a fundamental tenant in both the wines that we drink and the glassware we drink them from. So, as a testimony to that belief, we belief that story is worthy of a reprint. So, from June of it is...

Great article on the basics of tasting wine and developing one's nose and palette. Author Lettie Teague does a great job of taking much the "stuffiness" out of the world of wine and making it all so very approachable. Approachability is something that we believe in, as well.

In fact, approachability is something we strive to put into every wine glass (and, frankly, any glass) that we produce. Our factory artisans in Weiswasser, Germany have been doing that for 130+ years. Wine is for enjoying and knowing what wines you enjoy. Our job is to produce high-performance glassware to bring out the very best in your favorite wines.

Author Teague is correct in citing Homer's quote "The journey is the thing." We'd like to think having the right wine glass helps to make the journey not only a bit easier, but a bit more enjoyable, as well. 

More smile on more faces. 

You can read Lettie Teague's article by visiting:
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